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We are offering a full service during COVID-19.

We appreciate it is more important than ever to be able to tell someone how loved and special they are during these difficult times. At Autumn & Bloom we are committed to continuing to offer our full service whilst following the latest Covid-19 government guidelines.

Our clients always receive a voice memo recital along with a digital or printed copy of their poem. Ceri also offers coaching sessions via video call to support clients in perfecting the delivery of their rhyming speech.

Over recent months we have been working with clients to offer them specific support and guidance when presenting a speech virtually, via platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime, or at small face-to-face gatherings for all occasions and life events. 

Ceri has also been working with organisations to create short poems of thanks for the dedication shown by employees and colleagues during these unprecedented times. Each poem a unique gift of gratitude, often accompanied by a hamper of goodies. 

Being passionate about the spoken word, we’re always delighted to have a chat over the phone about how we can help you.


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