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Excerpt from a eulogy.

....An incredible gardener he took the time

To make his garden look sublime.

Passionate and knowledgeable, he took hours

To plant the most amazing flowers.

Warm and cuddly we can attest

That Dad’s hugs really were the best.

Focused, determined and fun,

He believed the best in everyone.

A good sense of humour and our Dad 

Listened to all the problems we had.

He gave us relationship advice too,

And said, ‘It’s a good job that I don’t charge you’.

As a family we love to regale, the funny ferry to Ireland tale.

When Dad climbed into the wrong bed,

He thought it was his cabin he said!

And he only realised I can share,

When the lady sat up and she had long hair!

This year, 1,000 bulbs will grow 

Thanks to his gardening love, you know.

So when you see them, think of him

And the colour to life he did bring.......

Excerpt from a birthday poem.

Born on the 4th July

1974 how time does fly,

      Tara, TJ, Mrs HA

There are a few things I would like to say,

We're here to enjoy a glass of wine

And say goodbye to 39.

There are many words that spring to mind

To describe dear Tara, all are kind.

Happy, blonde, gentle, fun

Sporty, outdoorsy, she likes to run.

She's a lover of Zumba, she likes to cook

She often has her nose in book.

Concerts, the theatre, the Chelsea flower show

Are places that she loves to go.

She adores a musical from Cats to Les Mis

Enjoys a party and a glass of fizz

She goes to Wimbledon, days at the races

A lover of British institutions and places.

Her hobbies are endless and seem to be growing

From chutney and jam making to running and sewing.

Naturally organised, born to lead,

She keeps our book club up to speed.

A special person who takes her time

To make sure all her friends are fine.

She has a crush on Take That's Gary

And secretly dreams of how they marry,

She's also partial to a bit of swooning

To Michael Buble's gentle crooning,

But of course Jules is her ever after

Especially when he sings Sinatra......

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